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Tips 'n tricks :)


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Tips 'n tricks :) Empty Tips 'n tricks :)

Post by ]-[ealer on 11/4/2012, 06:02

Hello everyone!

I thought lets make a tips and tricks topic, since we can almost feel the game now, being able to enter betas now almost definitely etc etc Smile

So anyone have any tips or tricks while playing? post them here so anyone can enjoy them Smile

My tips for now:
1. ALWAYS walk to your next destination, never use teleports and I have two reasons for this! Smile 1 you won't waste money on teleporting (in my experience it was quite expensive compared to the amount of money I had in the few days of playing) 2 you are bound to walk into some dynamic event and dynamic events = lots of exp, karma, gold and most important of all, fun! =D

2. If you want to level up, use the dynamic events, don't go and grind.
reason for this is, the same events will always give you the same amount of exp, karma and gold, whereas grinding mobs to level can be... well, boring =D (and with same event I mean is when you repeat one event you have already done and get the same rating as last time you will get the same rewards Smile) on top of that there is always some dynamic event on the map and if there isn't you will probably find out soon enough how to make one roll by Smile

3. When you kill monsters and find crafting materials... keep them, no matter how useless they seem to be, since they will be pretty hard to get afterwards in a later stage of the game!

4. Teehee, most important of all!
Get your sleep, don't ruin your life on this game and most likely don't forget to enjoy the game in your FREE time Smile I tend to forget that part ^_^

Can't wait to see your tips and tricks for in the future Smile


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Tips 'n tricks :) Siggyms

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Tips 'n tricks :) Empty Re: Tips 'n tricks :)

Post by Snow on 19/4/2012, 09:20

Here's a few tips based off of my experience playing other action based combat games, in particular ddo (although I made it to level 10 or so in Vindictus as well)
And now that the beta is mostly likely over for me, I shall see if my assumptions are correct!

Tip 1. Don't stop moving.
If you are standing still, particularly as melee, you are going to get plowed. Use your jump skill often as well, to try to get just out of the corner of your enemies eye. You'll be surprised at how many people will get owned if you use this tactic alone. The best part of GW2 vs DDO when it comes to this tactic, is no movement penalty (you miss more often in ddo when you move). So there is really no reason to stand still in gw2. [atleast from what I've seen from vids] Just keep that w pressed in, or program a nice mouse button. (I'm putting my main attack on my mouse as well, I find it easier). Autorun however might not be the option, as changing the speed helps keeping your aim.
Trying to see them while not being seen is the key to this type of combat system, which is quite similar to fps in that respect.
Ranged attacks auto track like hell. Many attacks have a large range. And unless you have swiftness, the characters are sloooooow compared to the attacks. However, my method has won me several boss fights, so its not completely flawed, the reasoning is just different. Its hard to hit me with an aoe if I'm randomly switching directions and the range of my character. Also circling a foe when they're fighting with someone else helps keeping you alive, even against npcs ^^. Players won't waste time trying to target you if they are busy in most cases, and npcs will miss with nasty directionals if you keep moving

2. Attacking from behind/cooldowns
If you can attack from behind, burn off all your major cooldowns in the initial attack if they are dots or damage. Save your knockdown/stun for when your victim is turning around to fight back. It seems common sense, but I've won fights just because someone burnt his cc in the opening attack.
A sneak attack has to equal death, otherwise its not a sneak attack.
Not sure if this is even worth reading, due to the damage/hp involved. Fights are meant to last in gw2. And the self heals etc make it rough to spam someone to death.

3. Be original
Besides being alot more fun, (and the imagined looks of shock that did my heart good with my Wizard tank in ddo Wink) having unusual combinations of weapons, ultilities and elites can keep your enemy off guard. In action games, against other players every element of surprise is an asset. For example, although racial elites are lesser than profession elites, I'll be bringing "Become the Wolf!" on my norn mesmer, for two reasons. One because wolves are epic. Two because it will be unexpected in pvp, and completely changes my fighting style for 30 seconds! It'll take a bit to get used to, but imagine the pressure put on your opponents if the mesmer they were fighting, a ranged subtle fighter, suddenly charges and starts ripping them to bits like a sword warrior, then returns back to keeping distance and loading the debuffs, leaving a pile of bleeds in my wolf wake.
My mesmer choices suck. My beautiful mantra of pain is worthless unless you have a break between every foe of atleast 10secs (I rarely ever do, which is why this game is so fun!) and only does twice the damage of my second most used great sword skill! Bit meh, but it is a 1 pointer I guess. But mantras being my profession special, and them sucking so bad.. (seriously, one use in a fight needs to be a bit better than "break a single stun and become stable for a few secs". Or use for big damage! (that you'd get by pressing the # 1 twice~3 times button otherwise if you are a dps mez). You can't charge them in battle from what I've seen unless you are giving up attacking at the same time. they hurt your dps so bad if they arn't used just once and just once per fight is worthless.)
Signets are lovely ^^ although mine seriously suck besides inspiration (random boon every 10secs) the rest, I have loads of stun breakers, but I'll only ever need 1. Everyone else gets cool attacks, I get the real utility of the utility skills. Blink, invis, defect bubble, mirror image (I guess this is an offensive one even..>.>), portal.. I'm the fing mage from wow without the massive aoe and damages they gave to the ele when it comes to utilities. Thankfully, the fun of the weapon skills far outweigh utilities anyway.

Finally the thief is gunna be op, mark my words lol. Have you seen its signets! and signets are usually the best bang for your sp with a passive + active effect. (thief signets..regen hp on hit, increased crit chance, increased damage, increased initiative regen..and these are the passives!)

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